Monday, December 7, 2009


I used to have a fish at work... Well, first I had "Flash", then "Flashback", then "Trey". I found it quite relaxing to have him there. After a while it would seem that the fish would start interacting a little bit with me. Would swim toward you when you talked to them, etc. I think it was Flash who lived the longest, he was around for ~ 1.5 years, his predecessors did not fair as well. Flashback lived ~1 year and then Trey only ~ 6 months. It just didn't seem right to get another one. With the trend I was setting he probably would only have lasted ~ 3 months. There are still times when I have thought of getting another but better sense prevails. I'm not sure if a life in a mud puddle somewhere is better than in a bowl on my desk but at least the mud puddle is their natural environment. There is something very relaxing about watching fish swim around though. I wonder what it is? Perhaps their fluidness instills a sense of freedom in the viewer...

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