Friday, February 5, 2010

Show and Tell

Well, I heard from Blackbird that we should post our refrigerators today. So here is mine...

Very crowded.. and basically - well, a mess. I did not take a photo of the outside. If I did, it would be covered with a bunch of magnets and various bits of papers, and a few photos. I really need to clean my fridge, perhaps I will now that I have shown off its messiness - haha. I probably should have just cleaned it first :)


  1. Quick - close the door before the dog gets that Diet Coke bottle!!

  2. How did you get a hold of my refrigerator?? LOL! Now I don't feel so all alone!

  3. @New leaf - Haha - good point :) She was probably salivating as this photo was being taken.

    @Madame - Glad you aren't feeling alone now ;)


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