Saturday, February 20, 2010


This little statue sat under a tree outside the dining hall. She is holding a bird in her hand and every time I would walk by it would make me smile... I go on a retreat of Celtic spirituality every year. It is so nice to get away and be totally "unplugged" for a few days. No computer, no TV, no radio, I get very poor cell coverage where this retreat is held so my phone usually sits in my room and I only check it in the evenings. Usually we bring a portable labyrinth with us (it is painted on cloth) but this year we didn't because it was so wet. However, there is a creek that borders the property, a pond, and plenty of space for meditative walking. It is so peaceful there.

I come home rested, relaxed, refreshed and then go back to work and it all hits you in the face again... I have been working 14+ hours a day all week (and am working this morning)... I know that it won't last forever (the long work hours) but how do you maintain that feeling when life is slapping you in the face?


  1. Hey I found your site after viewing comments in one of Journey Mama's posts. I'm also a writer and I'm trying to make friends with some bloggers who write about the nice things in life. I will be visiting your blog every now and then.

  2. Hi Frank! Thanks for stopping by. I will admit my posts have been quite sparse lately. I will look forward to your visits :o)


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