Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Joy

This little dog brings me so much joy. It isn't just how excited she is to see me when I wake up or come home but her true, unspoiled zest for life that makes me smile. Some may say, she is so ugly she is cute -but I call her my Super Model, I think she is gorgeous :) She loves to play, alone or with you, she doesn't care. She will pick up a ball in her mouth and bat another one with her feet as though it were a soccer ball. Tug of war - she loves it, whether with a human friend or a puppy friend, she is up for it. She doesn't care how big you are, or how small you are. She isn't aggressive like a lot of small dogs are, she just wants to play :) I need to take lessons on living from her. It doesn't matter how dismal the day, she is one happy girl!


  1. Here's the language school website:

    Going to Mexico or Central America to study Spanish is so economical and fun. I went when the exchange rate was 9 pesos to the dollar and now it is 12 or 13 - so it is even cheaper. I loved Oaxaca and I want to go back to Mexico sometime soon, but my parents are hard to leave on their own....

  2. She is a beautiful, expressive little girl.
    I feel that way about my little dog mami. She is most precious to me and absolutely running over with unconditional love and kindness. She is my caregiver and takes it very seriously.

  3. @Suebob - Thanks! I'll check it out :o)

    @Madame - I am soooo glad to hear that YOU have a caregiver! You need some extra care with all you do!


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