Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am by far - not a serious biker. A friend of mine and I bike, usually on the weekends. We will bike anywhere from ~6 - 20 miles. I enjoy our bike rides, the weather here is just about perfect right now so our bike rides really take advantage of that. It is amazing how at first you may feel tired but you get into the rhythm and that feeling dissipates. I have lived in this area for ~30 years now and it is so amazing to see the changes. Places where all I remember are farm fields are now housing developments or industrial parks. It is sad. It wouldn't bother me for the area to turn back 15-20 years as far as growth goes. I live near a large city (I guess now I live in a large city - but used to be a town) so cultural events were always near by. It was nice to be near that, if you wanted it, but be able to live in more of a small town environment. Of course, then you also have a large majority of people with a small town mentality and while I may be stereotyping I like to think that I have a broader vision than that.


  1. 6-20 miles sure seems like a serious biker to me LOL. It's sad what's happened to little towns and rural areas. Where my husband grew up in a small town with farms around him, now there are housing developments and stores all over the place too. It's very sad to me when we go there now.

  2. Viki - I didn't say how long it takes to complete a bike ride ;)

    I look around and wonder why we need so many stores, restaurants, etc... I always try to shop at independent shops (well, I do use a chain grocery store) and services.

  3. OI! the thought of 6 miles makes my knees ache!
    I understand what you mean about small towns. It is sad to see them go the way of housing developments. For some of them though, growth is necessary survive these days. Sigh! (wal-mart is coming 'round the mountain)


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