Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain, rain, rain,,,

It's raining, it's pouring, my little dog is snoring! We have had an incredible amount of rain here in the last few days, and more to come. More important, we have had a lot of snow fall in the more northern regions of this state, the runoff from the snow fills our reservoirs to get us through the long, hot summer. We have been in a drought for several years, obviously it will take more than one good winter snowfall to get out of the drought but every little bit counts!

Yesterday we had very high winds. My poor pup was a bit scared of everything flying around. On my way to work this morning I saw a lot of uprooted trees. There were a couple of sitings of funnel clouds around the area, not by my house, though I have seen one try to form by the mountains west of me. We do occasionally see funnel clouds, but nothing like what they see in the Midwest!

I think the prediction is more rain for today and then we will start to see clear skies over the weekend. Yeah :)


  1. Yay, for the rain for you since you all could use it. I know though even though you need it after a while it can get on ones nerves. I hate, hate when there are tornado warnings here. My husband laughs because I always go down the basement but I always say better to be safe than sorry LOL.

  2. Hmm. it seems these last coulple of days have been one for blow overs. I had mine for sure! Hope baby Zoe calmed down a bit.


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