Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have been working the last couple of weekends on my backyard. A friend of mine needs help with her yard too, so we have been working together to get things done in each of our yards. It is so nice to have someone working along side you. It just makes the work go by faster. Last weekend we loaded up her truck with a bunch of stuff that I have been accumulating in the corner of my backyard and took a trip out to the dump. Then I did a lot of raking and sweeping. This weekend we picked up some flagstone, I wanted a path to my side patio and my friend needed some for around her pond. We got all the rock set, at my place we used some of the displaced gravel to fill some holes that my boston terror - I mean terrier - had dug up. It was so funny because as we were lightly digging she came over and stared at us. My friend said that she was probably thinking "Why isn't anyone yelling at them for digging?". At just that moment, she started digging beside us! haha - I had to tell her to stop but it was too funny. After getting that completed we went to my friend's house and trimmed some trees on the side of her house, then cut down a bamboo patch that she has. It just amazes me how well bamboo does here in the desert.
Next on the agenda is to plant a small tree (that I can manage digging the hole for), and a privacy fence to separate a storage area from the rest of the yard. Finally my peas are starting to bloom (well, one - haha). I don't think they get enough sun during the winter where I have them. Hopefully as the sun moves they will do better.


  1. That's nice that you can work in your yard. I'm not much of an outdoors worker. Luckily, I have my husband for that. The only thing is there's a lot I'd like done but he's not that into it. We have many months before it's time to even think about doing anything outside. We had a little warm spell in the low 40's and we're finally able to see some grass. Enjoy doing your outside work ;-) I'm glad you and your friend are working together.

  2. Hi Viki :) Yes, it is nice to have someone to work with. My friend's husband doesn't do anything around her yard and my boys aren't too helpful (though sometimes my eldest helps me) so it is nice to be able to help each other.

    I am fortunate that our winters are mild - we have to have some trade off for our brutal summers! :)


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