Saturday, November 28, 2009

Addicted to the Bottle

Why is the bottom of this bottle all dusty??? I stopped at the gas station and picked up a Diet Coke. When I get home I set the bottle beside a chair (on a table top) in the family room and go to the kitchen to make a turkey sandwich. I return to my chair and notice my drink is missing... Where could it be? Wait a minute, where is that mischievious Boston Terror, oops, I mean Boston Terrier of mine? I go out into the backyard and there I see my DC in the dirt and my little pup standing over it. Yes, she is a bottle thief. When she was a pup her favorite toy was an empty bottle. Now, she thinks any bottle is fair game. Set a water bottle down, she will try to steal it, set a soft drink bottle down, she will try and steal it. I wonder if there is a 7-step program out there for her??
Hello, my name is Zoe. I am a bottle addict...


  1. How cute is this little thief! So innocent looking. lol!

  2. Yes Madame! Don't let that innocent face fool you :o)


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