Thursday, November 19, 2009


Things I like:
The weather
Talking to friends about nothing
My pup
Soft sheets

Not so much:
Loud people

Things I saw yesterday:
A bookstore
Yummy goodness at Trader Joe's
A friend's Blog
A clean house

Things that are wearing out quickly:
Coffee Cup

My radio stations on Pandora:
Celia Cruz
Manos al Aire

Electronic gifts I might not refuse:
a Blackberry
a new laptop
a flat screen television for my room
an iTouch

Problems my car is having:
Sometimes it won't start
Center console in backseat squeaks when it is closed
Seats are dirty
Dings and dents

Things to be happy about:
My boys are healthy
My sister is coming for Christmas
Tomorrow is Friday
I have great friends

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  1. Cool post. I should do something like this - but I'm too chicken.


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