Friday, November 27, 2009


When my eldest was in elementary school he had an assignment to come up with 10-15 homophones. Words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have a different meaning. He had come up with several on his own and now was asking for help. My sister from out of town was visiting, my sister who leaves near here was in attendance, and we were all at my mother's house so there were a lot of folks available for input. It is amazing how when you are trying to think of words like this, your mind just goes blank :o)
Suddenly my mother yells, "I've got one! You know, 'tick' like the tick-tock of a clock and 'tick' like this wood is very 'tick'." We all fell over laughing. You have to realize that my mother is from Ireland, so her "TH" is pronounced very similarly to how a "T" is pronounced. We then told her, "No Mum, that is just your Irish accent." She was so proud of herself :o)
My eldest this morning was asking me if Gran had an accent. It is funny because I didn't think she did, I guess because I lived with her and she was my Mum, that is just how she talked. I would hear other people's (like relatives) accents however. I'm sure my Mum's had been diluted over the years and from living in 3 other countries other than Ireland.

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