Monday, November 23, 2009


Sunday, November 22nd. I went for a bike ride, first one in a long while. The summers here are so brutally hot, I just don't have the dicipline to get motivated to ride in the summer. I don't like riding alone either so that limits me - I think I need to just do that more often. Sunday I went on a 14 mile ride. It was nice, the weather was beautiful. The only problem is having to stop for stoplights/traffic, that can be annoying, I would like to find a nice long stretch where one doesn't need to cross major roadways or such but I don't want to "mountain" bike either. Off road is too intimidating for me. I think I will try to go out and ride shorter rides by myself, perhaps then I can gear up for a longer ride by myself. Now that it is documented somewhere I'll feel more inclined to do it? We'll see :o)

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