Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Spiritual Space

I am so fortunate to have my spiritual sisters. A small group (there are 8 of us), ranging from 40 years old to 75+ years old. We meet ~every other week for spiritual direction/guidance/support and what an awesome group of women they are. We are reallystruggling with a pastor who is mentally ill (I am thinking perhaps bi-polar) and our faith community is imploding. Yet through it all, we have each other - thank goodness! I am having a hard time with people that I trusted and admired who have really caused harm to others close to me. The lies and deceit is incredible. For probably the first time my faith has really been shaken... Previously I have had "issues" with the institution of church but was always grounded in the faith community and the people... now.... not so much. Where is God in all this? What am I called to do? I used to be present in the community every week - now it is a struggle to go. I know that I will make it through this. I know that I will always have my spiritual group to lean on, but this is an unknown space for me.

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